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Rodger's World-Famous Kale Salad


•    Two bunches of kale (any variety)
•    1 cup of chopped sweet onion or scallions
•    ½ cup of finely chopped sweet pepper
•    1 can each of organic garbanzo beans, kidney beans and whole kernel corn
•    4 oz of feta cheese (optional)
•    Italian seasoning
•    Granulated garlic
•    Black pepper
•    Extra virgin olive oil and rice vinegar OR Italian dressing


  1. Strip kale leaves from mid-rib and chop into fine pieces.  Place in large bowl and massage kale for two minutes to tenderize

  2. Add other ingredients and mix seasonings to taste.  Then add 6 ounces vinegar and oil mix or 6 ounces of Italian dressing

  3. Let salad sit in refrigerator for 2 hours -- overnight is best!

RB kale salad_edited.jpg
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